June 22, 2011

Updated: Food Truck list 6/22/2011

Note: Unfortunately I'm going to be cutting down on partaking of food truck fare for a while because 1) I have that move coming up that I need to save money for and 2) I also wanna drop like 40 lbs and food trucks don't help. However if a new one (or Tasty Kabob (because I looooove them) is in the area I'll try it.

DC Food Truck Scene Where I've eaten so far: (Updated 6/22/2011)
Curbside Cupcakes (http://www.curbsidecupcakes.com/) Try their H Street. It's ah.mah.zing!

WhereSauca (http://www.eatsauca.com/) I am SO EXCITED to try their new Sauca Grill because everything I've had from here was excellent. (As of 6/22/2011 I still haven't tried their Sauca Grill.)

DC Slices (http://dcslices.com/menu/) Bacon on pizza. Enough said.

Lobster Truck (http://www.redhooklobsterdc.com/) Lobster. Enough said.

CapMacDC (http://www.capmacdc.com/menu.html) Must. Eat. More. Mac n' Cheese!

Fojol Bros. (http://fojol.com/about) --Butter Chicken? More like BEST Chicken. Okay, right that was lame but it's so good!

TaKorean (http://takorean.com/) Well I got sick after eating their food but I don't think it was their fault. I should NOT have eaten the Sirarcha sauce. I know that it causes problems. :(

DC Pie Truck (http://www.dangerouspies.com/) Crab and Cheddar quiche -- ah.mah.zing.

Yellow Vendor (http://chewbrew.com/2010/08/19/yellow-vendor-love/)

Sabora Street (http://www.saborastreet.com/menu) Their churros are without a doubt one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Meathead Mobile Eats (@wheresthemeat) -- Their Oink Oink made me fall in love with sandwiches all over again.

Carnivore BBQ (@carnbbq) Good pork but not as good as Meathead Mobile Eats. Lotsa meat if you're into that kinda thing.

Big Cheese Truck (@bigcheesetruck) --Good, but not worth $6.50 for a cheese sandwich no matter HOW gourmet the cheese is.

Tasty Kabob (@TastyKabob) -- I LOVE the lamb and I LOVE the chicken so I always get the combo. Their chickpeas are only okay. I've had better. 10 out of 5 yums.

PiTruckDC (@PiTruckDC) Okay, I get that it's $12 for a medium pizza pie but that crust is SO thick and delicious and I got three very satisfying meals out of it. So I think it's worth it even if shelling out $12 at one go is hard to swallow. Thank god their pizza isn't. I got their Western Addition – mozzarella, spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushrooms, onions, garlic. This way I didn't feel half as bad for eating pizza. 4 yums.

Eat Stix (@eatstix) -- It was amazing what food tastes like after being grilled on an open flame. Obviously spices help but this was just amazing. It's really not that much food for $4 but to taste (everything) at least once is worth it. 3 1/2 yums.

Fry Captain (@FryCaptain) -- I have mixed feelings about this one. They said they'd be set up by 11:30. Apparently set up means parked. One guy was at the bank getting change, the other was getting the fryers ready and some random dude showed up 2 minutes before the started serving. We waited for FORTY minutes for them to open up for orders. Also, apparently getting your fries fried in duck fat is option for $1.50. I definitely did not want to spend extra on clogging up my arteries but apparently all the french fries are now fried in duck fat and you automatically pay the extra. I probably would have not gone if I knew that before hand. Things did get better after that though. The fries were pretty good. Not any better thanks to duck fat in my humble opinion. The dipping sauces are OUT of this world. I got the cilantro-lime aioli and it was freaking amazing! I wanted to dive into it and swim around for the rest of the day. Scratch that...the rest of my life. I also got the chocolate brownie milkshake. It was so thick and creamy that it took all my energy to suck it up the straw but it was worth it. My first sip had a brownie bit in it. So overall the bad service and really great food balance it out. 3 1/2 yums!

Where I still need to eat:
FL Meets DC (@FLmeetsDC)

District Taco (@districttaco)

Eat Wonky (@eatwonky)

Sub-Urban Bros (@SUBBros1)

Sweetflow Mobile (@SweetflowMobile)

Porc (@porcmobile or http://www.porcmobile.com/)

The Ficelle (@TheFicelle)

DC Love Bites (@dclovebites)

Sweetbites Truck (@sweetbitestruck)

Sidewalk Sensations (@SidewalkSweets)

Pleasant Pops (@pleasantpops)

DC Empanadas (@DCEmpanadas) -- God I can't wait until the visit the State Dept again!

Kabob Bites Truck DC (@kabobbites) --new truck - haven't seen much activity on Twitter

Austin Grill Truck (@AustinGrillTruck)

Doug the Food Dude (@Dougthefooddude)

La Gloria Mexicana (@lagloriamex)

Sprinkles Mobile (@sprinklesmobile)
Goodes Mobile Kitchen (@mobilekitchen)

Sol Mexican Grill (@solmexicangrill)

Rolling-wit-burgers (@rollingwburgers)

Bada Bing (@badabingdc)

People's Bao (@peoplesbao)

Sang (@sangonwheels) -- I'm SOOO EXCITED to try this one.

Choupi (@choupicrepes)

DC Grilled Cheese (@dcgrilledcheese)

BBQ Bandidos/Nathan Spittal (@bbqbandidos)

Solar Crepes (@solarcrepes)

Sixth and Rye (@Sixthandrye) I think it's a Jewish sandwich truck. Sounds pretty cool!

June 21, 2011

Robocall telemarkters continued.

The previous blog post should have been posted a week ago when I actually wrote it. Instead I somehow saved it as a draft and just realised that.


The next time one of those douchebag agents called I talked to them. I said 'yes, I have credit card debt.' 'Oh, about $30,000.' 'I have about 10 credit cards.' 'Which one has the most? I think my Macy's store credit card.' 'Hmmm I can't give you a credit card number because I'm nowhere near my purse. I'm currently in the basement and it is in my bedroom upstairs.' 'Oh, I'd love for you to help me but I can't step away from what I'm doing right now but could I have a call back number for you so we can continue this conversation?' ::endured approximately 1 minute of absolute bs about why he couldn't give me his number. 'Are you sure you can't give me a callback number because I really am interested in lowering my credit card rates?' ::CLICK:: Yep, they still hang up on you even if you seem like a viable interest.

Oh, well. I got that out of my system and ::knock on wood:: haven't heard from anyone in about a week.

June 14, 2011

Robocall telemarketers

I am pissed. I am so mad and there's nothing I can do about it!

Why? I get approximately 3 phone calls a day from unknown numbers with the same message:
"There are no problems currently with your account, however it is urgent that you contact us concerning your eligibility for lowering your interest rates to as little as 6 point 9 per cent" or "This is our final attempt to reach you since you’ve not responded to our other calls to discuss your credit card debt."

Unlike some poor (unfortunate) saps out there I know that this is a scam. So when I press the button they tell me to in order to speak with an "agent" I do it because I really want to talk to this person to tell them to take me off their list. I want to say, "Thank you kind agent but I don't currently use any credit cards that need a new lower interest. I do thank you for thinking of me and I bid you a good day. Since I've been so polite will you please take me off your calling list?" You'd think that since I was SO nice that they would acquiesce to my request? Yeah you'd think so. You know why you think so? Because you're a human being and they are devils. Less than human. The beetle that lives in the dung on the bottom of my shoe that I squish with each step. Every time I've asked to be removed from the list they've hung up on me. Three different agents, three different hang ups.

You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna talk to them next time. Tell them "Yes, I would love a new lower credit card rate. What's my name? It's Angelina Pitt. What's my social security number? 061-14-2011. I know! It's so similar to today's date, it's quite extraordinary."

All I have left to say is "I'm coming for you..."