April 9, 2009

Turbulent Sea

Darkness lives inside me
A secret that I hide
The light that comes from all the rest
Is lost upon the tide

A touch of lightning – magic
Has left me marked and cold
I want…I need…I crave for me
A love that sells my soul

Like a turbulent sea
Pulling at me
I’m drowning in passion and fear
With all that I am – or ever will be
I must fight for what I hold dear

And I fight
For what is right
But shadows follow…
Me into the night

I sing and I cry and I scream at the night
To change an unchangeable fate

The wave crashes
In my heart
Darkness follows
Light departs

Like a turbulent sea
Pulling at me
I’m drowning

-Sheila Clover English

April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

Best prank ever! My girl officemates and I pranked the dude in our office today. We stole his badge and ransomed it back to him for food. It would have been fantastic but he was already pranked out because it was our third one for the morning. See the pictures below and you'll understand it a bit better. :)